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I'm sure you have heard enough of the coronavirus lately with all the news but unfortunately it has affected most people in one way or another. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in fighting this pandemic, especially all healthcare workers. I, myself have to make drastic changes over the last few weeks. The developments forced me to travel home to Switzerland early. College classes have been transitioned to online and all golf courses, gyms and other practice facilities are closed.

I usually like to schedule my week to use time efficiently. Especially during these times I find it important to set-up a daily routine to integrate university work, golf practice and fitness and not fall into bad habits. I am very thankful for all the resources I am receiving from SwissGolf during this time - we have scheduled golf practices on video calls and fitness sessions on Zoom. Also, we have provided with various putting, chipping and long-game training plans to ensure we don't get bored. All that being said, I am looking forward to be back on the golf courses as soon as possible!

The virus has forced us all to work remotely and get creative. Attached is a brief video of construction I built so be able to hit golf balls (with a view).

During these tough times it is crucial to try to take the positives out of every situation to stay on track and endure through potential negativity. Stay safe!

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